Apr 14, 2015

3D Printing work

Hi everyone,

I've been out of the loop for some time, but have been busy working on my 3D printed jewelry collection on Shapeways. They are inspired by my faceted designs done in Photoshop. I couldn't get enough of them living inside a screen, so I began modeling them to be printed out in 3D. Here are some images and a link in case you want to own one yourself.


Aug 15, 2014

Painting of Jessie

4 hours. She is a friend, much different experience painting someone you know.

Jul 12, 2014

Painting of Penny

We've restarted our little figure painting group at Weta, here's what I did on Saturday, 4 hours. It looks a bit different because I was painting over an existing, dried impasto painting that created a rough surface. Not as easy to add chiseled strokes when you've got a rough surface there already. Good to mix up technique.

Also a photo of the sweet space we've been leant to use. You can see a great view of Wellington and the airport, and BOTH sides of the peninsula. Small town!

Jan 7, 2014

Painting of Ruby

Here's a 2 hour painting of my friend Ruby from a few weeks ago. So good to get back into oils! More to come.

Nov 17, 2013


Doing a bit of reading about nanotechnology got me thinking what fashion ads might look like in the future... Body enhancements and beauty ideals..

Jul 24, 2013

New Website

I'm happy to break the silence here by announcing my new website, http://www.lauradubuk.com  . I'll keep this blog to post more informal work and in-progress stuff, my new website mainly as a portfolio website. There's lots of new images there already. Hope you enjoy!